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About the School

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Welcome to the School of Ballet Ouest de Montréal! Offering excellent dance training from highly qualified teachers with international professional experience in our beautiful studios in Pointe Claire.

Dance training is a beautiful challenge that inspires a life-long love of the arts, of music, of movement and of physical fitness. Ballet Ouest de Montréal, a non-profit, professional ballet company, is able to share its professional expertise and passion for this art form with you and your children, through its School which it opened in 2006. 


The School's end-of-year-production

May 2022

From the School, to the Company

Putting the next generation of dancers on stage...

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The School of Ballet Ouest 2022-2023 Registration

Ballet, Creative Movement, Enriched Program, Contemporary, Adult Ballet, etc

Programs & Classes

Training Programs

We offer quality dance training for students of all ages!

  • Ballet Program
  • Enriched Ballet Program
  • Creative Movement
  • Pre-Ballet
  • Hip-Hop
  • Junior Ballet Company
  • Contemporary
  • Ballet for Adults
  • Competition Team
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Nutcracker
A word from our Artistic Director - Claude Caron.

"The ever-changing world of dance, with its advent of new styles and the evolution of the art form, requires us to make constant adjustments within our goal of preparing our young artists and future dancers. The presence of multimedia and the increasingly informed public eye forces us to constantly examine the course of our teaching methods and our artistic approach, in order to provide our students with sound, relevant training. Additionally, it goes without saying that training in classical dance remains the solid foundation upon which all other artistic forms rest."

  • Three well-appointed studios
  • Sprung floors
  • Large wall-spanning mirrors
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows for lots of natural daylight
  • Costume workshop on-site!